Girona and its surroundings
Rafael Masó, architect, poet, politician and promoter of art and culture was born in Girona in 1880. He embodied the transition from Modernisme to Noucentisme, the Catalan political, literary and ideological movement which rejected extreme feelings and romanticism of the past and looked towards Europe, cosmopolitism and intellectualism. He always sought his own style and introduced new European ideas in the exterior ornamentation, furniture and decoration of buildings. En 1913 he built and founded Athenea, the cultural and artistic centre of Noucentisme in his city.
Since he always lived in Girona, this is where the majority of his works are to be found. Touring through Noucentist Girona allows you to grasp his thinking, and to better understand the city and the need to preserve this heritage.
The Casa Masó was the family home and the place where he lived until 1912. Today it functions as a House-Museum, and is home to the Rafael Masó Foundation.